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What Is A Good Price For A Lemonade Stand?

When calculating what is a good price for a lemonade stand, it’s important to consider both your ideal customer (your market) and the level of quality of the product you want to deliver.

Nowadays, the cost of a lemonade stand can range from FREE (use what you have at home, just pay for lemons and sugar) to roughly $2k for complete pre-fabricated stand that you can order online as well as a good quality juicer.

Let’s see the options one by one…

Home based Stand…

Card Table : Your own (FREE)
Cardboard Sign: Your own (FREE)
Juicer: Your own (FREE)


Low end Stand (all equipment bought)…

Lemonade Stand: From roughly $40 on amazon. Check this cool FunDeco Lemonade Stand

Carbboard sign: From about $11 on Amazon. Check out this example

Juicer: From $15

Basic one (Alex’s Lemonade Stand Juicer on amazon)


What is a good price for a lemonade stand?Pro stand…

Lemonade Stand: From roughly $1,800 on Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

Carbboard sign: Included on Stand

Juicer: From $150 on Amazon. As example the Breville Juice Fountain


Regarding the dynamics of pricing a cup of lemonade, which is pretty typical across businesses, check our extensive article on how to start a lemonade stand HERE (What Is The Best Price To Sell Lemonade? )

Then, it is time to start making money! In fact, every entrepreneur wants to make as much money as he/she can in his/her businesses.

When it comes to selling lemonade, you need to brainstorm into the most common ways to increase your profits: increasing the amount you sell, raising prices, or cutting expenses.

TIP: Sibling labor in squeezing lemons (usually free) can be a good way of cutting costs.


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