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How To Run A Good Lemonade Stand

Some of this will be like duhhhh… (common sense type stuff) how to run a good lemonade stand. But I have some good advice just in case. Sometimes we need to have our brain rattled a bit to inspire our own ideas.

How To Run A Good Great Lemonade Stand

Customer service is a necessity but believe it or not – it’s not the main thing. You could be mute the entire time and wear a permanent smile and come out okay. But we don’t want “ok” or just “good”.

We want Tony the Tiger – GREAT!

In the article here: [How To Start A Lemonade Stand] I have a video from an interview and live stream I did with a Ken, a successful vendor who runs a great lemonade stand.

How To Run A Good Lemonade StandThe main ingredients for how to run a GOOD lemonade stand are…

  • clean work and serving area
  • your work area should be within reaching distance (no walking around) so that you can vend with speed – thereby having faster lines and happier customers
  • YOU MUST… use real lemons with no mixes (that’s great if you’re in 3rd grade but the masses – they want fresh squeezed lemonade.
  • Make it before their eyes – as in right in front of them
  • Use juice from lemons with no pre-squeezed or store bought lemon juice
  • Use clear cups (big ones – 32 ounce are best)
  • wipe your area down often
  • Have sugar substitutes (for diabetics and others) – Many vendors use Monkfruit (it’s fantastic and is a 1:1 substitute)


For more information on why this all matters: [How To Start A Lemonade Stand]

Great Lemonade Stands

How To Run A Good Lemonade Stand

Every single week I hear from vendors (lemonade vendors) who are running a good lemonade stand. But good just isn’t enough. Once many get in the Vendors United group, they find out how much a great lemonade stand is producing, they want to make those changes.

Some vendors think it comes down to the equipment and so they spend hundreds on fancy automatic smashers that take away that nostalgic feel. Yea, it’s cool, but cool in this case – just means you spent more.

Last Tip On How To Run A Good Lemonade Stand

Just the idea of vending lemonade is nostalgic. It brings back memories of when we were kids. Many of us have had a lemonade stand or two.

Keep that nostalgic feel and you’ll be rewarded with more customers. A good citrus juicer is great eye candy and mix that up with some lemon swag and an outfit to match and you’ve got a recipe for great lemonade vending. More Tips


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